Boycott movements — so what!? An israeli perspective on the economics of development.

A lecture by Ezra Sadan, Hebrew University of Jerusalem - M.Sc. (Agr.), M.A. (Soc.Sci.), Ph.D. (Economics)

I.) Highlights in the development of Israel’s economy:

  • A population and GDP growing 650% and 4500% respectively;
  • A producer and exporter of farm and consumer goods carrying a chronic burden of foreign debt, turned into a developer and exporter of hi tech producer goods and services, accumulating international surpluses;
  • A currency running hyperinflation turned into hard currency in demand.

II.) Israel’s present day strength and weaknesses, as visualized in the recent OECD Report.

The lecture will be held in english language, a translation into german will be provided. — Der Vortrag wird auf Englisch gehalten, wir werden eine Übersetzung in die deutsche Sprache anbieten.

Ezra Sadan

Born in 1933, in Jerusalem. Professor Emeritus Ezra Sadan is a former director general of the Israeli Ministry of Finance.

19:00 in der Uni Leipzig, Raum HS 11, Hörsaalgebäude (HSG)

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